Basic Manners

Basic Manners

When traveling in Japan, it's a good idea to know some Japanese etiquette. Good manners can go a long way. Enjoy your trip!


Manner_stand behind the yellow strip

While waiting for the train, please stand behind the yellow strip and line up in two rows.


Priority is given to passengers getting off.

Rushing into a train just before it leaves is very dangerous.


Switch off your mobile phone near the Priority Seats (those reserved for the elderly, the pregnant, and people with disabilities), and set it to silent mode in other areas.

People tend to sit quietly on the train. Be careful not to disturb the people around you.

Manner Switch off mobile phone

Please avoid talking on your mobile phone while riding the trains and buses. We recommend you send emails or text messages instead.

basic manner about food

With the exception of shinkansen bullet trains, eating and drinking on the train is generally frowned upon, especially if your food can make a mess or has a strong smell.


Manner_Line up

Line up when waiting for the bus.

Manner_Get on the bus

Get on the bus from the back, and exit from the front.

Manner_turn mobile phone to silent mode

Please turn your mobile phone to silent mode while you are on the bus.

Manner_Priority Seat

Please notice stickers near the seats, as some seats are designated for pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities.