Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.Can I use your photos or videos for personal or commercial use?

Thank you for asking! Feel free to use the share buttons to distribute our photographs and videos on your favorite SNS sites. When it comes to commercial or other use, we ask that you send us a message using the form available in “Contact Us”. Do consult our “Terms of Use” page for more detailed information regarding use of content from Discover Kyoto.

Q2.Where did you get your historical information? / My research says something different from your historical information.

History can be quite the subjective topic. We at Discover Kyoto approve all text with respective shrines, temples, and other sites before posting it on our website, so what you read here aligns with their official stance. If you have a particular concern, feel free to send us a message over at “Contact Us”.

Q3.Why isn’t [X] on your website?

While we would love to share every interesting site in Kyoto with you all, our team operates only with express permission. Though we apologize for not being able to provide you with the information or photos of some sites, we must respect the wishes of those locations’ rights holders when it comes to what information is posted online.

Q4.Will you post my photographs / video on your website?

Though we are grateful for your interest and enthusiasm, our current policy requires that all photography and videography be done by our official team members or supplied directly by the site in question.