About Us

Conceived in 2011, NIWAKA Corporation’s Discover Kyoto team is dedicated to covering the most interesting aspects of Kyoto and sharing them with the world, with current operations run by six members who hail from Australia, Great Britain, Thailand, Ukraine, and the United States.

Discover Kyoto’s goal is to provide travelers to Kyoto with the information they need to plan their trip and enjoy themselves, as well as share what the various shrines, temples, and other sites in Kyoto wish to tell the world. Discover Kyoto is a website full of videos, photographs, and articles about a wide variety of sites, events, and useful information so that no matter how far away you are, you can feel just what makes Kyoto so special.

We must give special thanks to all the shrines, temples, and other locations who have allowed us to share their beauty with the world. We hope that you can learn all about these iconic sites, and treat them with all the respect and wonder they deserve.

Join us here in Kyoto, Japan for a trip you’ll never forget!


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