Aki Matsuri 秋まつり


A priest throws prayer sticks into a bonfire during the Aki Matsuri at Tanukidani-san Fudō-in.

Traditionally the changing of the seasons is celebrated with rituals, usually those that focus on praying to cleanse oneself of past wrongs and to pray for blessings in the future. In this vein, Tanukidani-san Fudō-in Temple celebrates their Fall Festival in early November. The Aki Matsuri involves visitors writing their wishes on wooden tablets and monks who practice a form of mountain asceticism called shugendō throwing those wooden tablets into a sacred bonfire. With the sound of Buddhist sutras in the air, the wishes of the participants are blessed as they are engulfed in the fire.

Things to See/Do

  • Buddhist Service

  • Fire Ritual


November 3rd, 11:00


Tanukidani-san Fudō-in


〒606-8156 京都府京都市 左京区一乗寺松原町6

TEL 075-722-0025
FAX 075-722-9516
WEB http://www.tanukidani.com/


  • General Admission: ¥500


  • General Admission: 9:00 – 16:00
  • Closed: No closing days