Hiina Matsuriひいな祭


Empress and Emperor of the 2015 Hiina Matsuri at Ichihime Shrine.

The Hitobina at Hiina Matsuri at Ichihime Shrine.

Ichihime Shrine occupies a modest courtyard between residential buildings just off Kyoto's busy Kawaramachi Street, and you might not guess that it is actually one of the foremost shrines for women in all of Kyoto City.  This little shrine, which venerates only female deities, is famous as a place for women to pray for a variety of issues such as beauty, successful pregnancy, finding a good partner, easy childbirth, and raising children. With its strong connection to women, it’s no surprise that Ichihime Shrine is host to one of the largest Girls' Day festivals in Kyoto.

Kai-awase played during Hiina Matsuri at Ichihime Shrine.

Girls' Day celebrations are held on March 3rd in Japan to pray for young girls’ happiness and growth. On this day families with daughters typically display special hina ningyō dolls inside their houses on tiered displays, with the number of dolls, lavish accessories, and the dolls' style varying household to household. At the Hito-Machi Kōryūkan (People/City Community Center) across the street from the shrine you can even witness the construction of a "living doll set" with real people!

The festivities begin at the community center from 13:00.  A ticket good for entry to all of the various activities costs 2,000 yen (as of March, 2018) and comes with a special peach blossom and willow charm for spring. On one floor from 13:00 to 16:00 you can experience the sorts of games girls in ancient Japan would have played, as well as participate in a tea ceremony. From 14:00 in the large hall there is a dressing demonstration of the clothing worn by the Emperor and Empress in the "living doll set", with an explanation in Japanese by the President of the Japanese Clothing Institute. Once the two are ready, the whole set is assembled with three court ladies and five musicians. After the Amagatsu Ritual is performed the musicians play gagaku music in accompaniment to the Kanjo no Mai dance performed by the three court ladies holding peach blossom branches.

Things to See/Do

  • Kagura Dance

  • Reenactment

  • Shinto Ritual

  • Period Costume

  • Tea Ceremony


March 3rd

13:00  14:00  Hiina Matsuri Activities (Tea Ceremony, Shell Memory Game, Fan Throwing Game)

14:00  "Living Doll" Dressing Demonstration, Amagatsu Ritual & Kanjo no Mai Dance

* The schedule is subject to change.


Ichihime Jinja


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