Yutate Kagura湯立神楽


 Flinging boiling water during Yudate Shinji at Jōnangū.

Although being splashed by boiling water may not sound like a great thing to have happen to you, at the Yutate Kagura at Jōnangū in southern Kyoto it would make you quite lucky indeed.  This ritual was once used for divination purposes, then purification, and in the present day it is primarily a way to pray for good health.

Shinto prayers at Yudate Shinji at Jōnangū.

In order to prepare for the main event, sacred spring water is brought to a boil in the courtyard in front of the prayer hall, and a senior priestess of the shrine approaches.  After stirring in sake, rice, and salt as offerings to the deities, the priestess takes hold of two long, leafy bamboo branches.  Dipping the bamboo into the water, she then makes large, dramatic movements with her arms in order to scatter the water onto the waiting onlookers hoping to receive the blessing, creating an amazing picture as the bamboo slashes through the rising steam from the boiling pot.

Priestesses arrive at Yudate Shinji at Jōnangū.

Though the boiling water ritual is the highlight of the event, there are several other things to watch and enjoy before and after as well.  Before the main ritual is performed there are blessings and offerings presented to the gods as well as a sacred kagura dance used to purify the bamboo and consecrate it. 

Once the rituals ends the bamboo is made available to those who are interested in gaining some luck, as it’s said to bring good fortune to any home where it’s displayed.

Things to See/Do

  • Kagura Dance

  • Shinto Ritual

  • Charm


January 20th, 14:00




〒612-8459 京都府京都市伏見区中島鳥羽離宮町7

TEL 075-623-0846
FAX 075-611-0785
WEB http://www.jonangu.com/


  • General Admission: Free
  • Garden Admission: ¥600
  • Junior High School, Elementary School: ¥400
  • Persons with Disabilities: ¥300


  • General Admission: 9:00  16:30 (last admission 16:00)
    Closed: No closing days


  • Kintetsu Line ⇒ Takeda Station ⇒ 15-20 minutes walking
  • Karasuma Subway Line ⇒ Takeda Station ⇒ 15-20 minutes walking
  • Takeda Station ⇒ Exit 4 City Bus 南1, 南2, 南3 (South) ⇒ Jōnangū Higashiguchi Bus Stop
  • Kyoto Station ⇒ Karasuma Exit ⇒ Boarding Area C4 City Bus 19 for Jōnangū