Hatsu Uma Daikondaki初午大根炊き


Ohara Sanzen-in Daikondaki

You may want nothing more than to snuggle under your blankets and go back to sleep on a cold February day, but if you love Japanese food and want to experience some warm local hospitality, drag yourself out of bed and head up to Ōhara village. 

About an hour by bus from Kyoto Station, this rural village barely in the city limits is popular for those wanting to get away from the city bustle to enjoy some natural beauty. 

At Sanzen-in in February, local women and other parishioners turn out bright and early to begin making large vats of delicious daikon radish soup.  The Japanese radishes used at this event are all organic, packed full of vitamins, and grown in the Ōhara area.  Take some time to explore the winter wonderland the Sanzen-in gardens have become and enjoy the warm, soft daikon.  About 3,000 radishes go into the pot for this four day event, and about 10,000 bowls go out.  Talk about a health food boom!   

Things to See/Do

  • Festival Food

  • Buddhist Service


2021 Schedule

February 11th – 14th: Shiawase wo Yobu Hatsu Uma Daikondaki, 9:00  16:00

Notice: the 2021 event was canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19.




〒601-1242 京都市左京区大原来迎院町540

TEL 075-744-2531
FAX 075-744-2480
WEB http://www.sanzenin.or.jp/


  • General Admission: ¥700
  • Junior High School, High School: ¥400
  • Primary School: ¥150


  • General Admission: 08:30 – 17:00 (March to December 7th), 09:00 – 16:30 (December 8th – February)
  • Closed: No closing days


  • From Kyoto Station Karasuma Subway Line ⇒ Kokusaikaikan Station ⇒ Kyoto Bus Route 19 towards Ōhara ⇒ Ōhara Bus Stop
  • By Karasuma Subway Line ⇒ Kokusaikaikan Station ⇒ Kyoto Bus Route 19 towards Ōhara ⇒ Ōhara Bus Stop
  • From Kyoto Station ⇒ Walk to Karasuma Shichijō Bus Stop ⇒ Kyoto Bus Route 19 towards Ōhara ⇒ Ōhara Bus Stop