Shimai Kōbō終い弘法


Priests hold a Buddhist ceremony at the Shimai Kōbō at Tō-ji.

Shoppers at the Shimai Kōbō at Tō-ji.

On the 21st of every month a large flea market is held on the grounds of Tō-ji in honor of the famous Buddhist priest Kōbō Daishi, who headed the temple in the 9th century and died on the 21st of March.  Because of his popularity, the flea market is referred to as "Kōbō-san".

Bustling with Japanese and foreigners alike, this monthly market stands from morning to afternoon offering second-hand goods, antiques, food stalls, kimono, handicrafts, and more! 

Those looking to strike a bargain might find themselves in paradise, and for the shopper who wants a wide variety to choose from, there is Shimai Kōbō, the last Kōbō-san flea market of the year. 

Compared to the usual monthly turn-out, December 21st is a reckoning of deals and good finds if you can make your way through the crowd to view what’s for sale. 

Whether you’re looking for cheap kimono, authentic Kyoto pottery, a nice scroll to hang on your wall, some souvenirs for your friends, or even just discount cleaning products, Shimai Kōbō has something for you!

Things to See/Do

  • Food Stalls

  • Buddhist Service

  • Market




〒601-8473 京都府京都市南区九条町1

TEL 075-691-3325
FAX 075-662-0250


  • General Admission: ¥500
  • High School Students: ¥400
  • Junior High School, Elementary School: ¥300
  • * Admission prices change often depending on the public viewings available.  Check Tō-ji’s English site to confirm.


  • General Admission: 08:30 – 16:30 (March 20th – April 17th), 08:30 – 17:00 (April 18th – September 19th), 08:30 – 16:00 (September 20th – March 19th)
  • Closed: No closing days


  • By Kintetsu Line ⇒ Tō-ji Station ⇒ 10 minutes walking
  • From Kyoto Station ⇒ Hachijō Exit ⇒ 15 minutes walking
  • By City Bus ⇒ Tō-ji Minami-mon-mae, Tō-ji Higashi-mon-mae, Tō-ji Nishi-mon-mae, or Kujō Ōmiya Bus Stops