Illustrated Night Parade of One Hundred Demons百鬼夜行展


Kodai-ji King Enma Projection Mapping

Though a tourist's day of exploring temples in Kyoto often ends at dusk, Kōdai-ji in Higashiyama is host to a projection mapping light-up in summer that allows you not only to explore the grounds at night, but also to enjoy an interesting Japanese yōkai (spirit/demon) themed exhibition at their "Illustrated Night Parade of One Hundred Demons" event.  Running from August 1st to 18th from 18:00 to 22:00 (last entry at 21:30), the summer light-up transforms the garden of Kōdai-ji's Hōjō (Abbot's Quarters) into a dynamic site of a demon parade, with balls of fire, tides of light, marching yōkai, and the fearsome face of King Enma, the righteous ruler of hell who judges a soul after death. 

Also available to view are various illustrated scrolls depicting scenes from Buddhist hell and paradise as well as a hyakki yakō, a parade of assorted demons that Japanese folklore says gather in summer to make their way through the streets.  If you aren't in town for the light-up, you can still enjoy the exhibition portion of "The Illustrated Night Parade of One Hundred Demons" event, which runs from July 15th to August 31st.

The theme and contents of the light-up are subject to change each year.  Check Kōdai-ji's English website for more information about this amazing temple.

Things to See/Do

  • Illumination


Projection Mapping August 1st – 15th
Exhibition July 15th – August 31st




〒605-0825 京都市東山区高台寺下河原町526

TEL 075-561-9966
FAX 075-561-7387


  • General Admission: ¥600 (temple and museum)
  • Children Aged 12 to 18: ¥250 (temple and museum)
  • Children Under 12: Free


  • General Admission: 9:00 – 17:00 (gates close at 17:30, last entry 17:00)
  • Light-up: Sunset – 21:30 (gates close at 22:00, last entry 21:30)
  • Closed: No closing days


  • From Keihan Gion Shijō Station or Hankyū Kyoto Kawaramachi Station City Bus Route 207 ⇒ Higashiyama Yasui Bus Stop ⇒ 5 minutes walking
  • From Kyoto Station City Bus Route 206 ⇒ Higashiyama Yasui Bus Stop ⇒ 5 minutes walking
  • From Kyoto Station ⇒ Taxi for 15 minutes