Yasurai Matsuriやすらい祭


The first dance of Yasurai Matsuri at Imamiya Shrine.

Heralded as one of Kyoto’s three mysterious festivals, the Yasurai Festival at Imamiya Shrine is held each year in the middle of April in order to pray for good health and prevention of illness. At noon the festival starts out at a small nearby temple called Kōnen-ji, and the procession makes its way around the neighborhoods, performing intermittently before arriving at Imamiya Shrine at approximately 3pm. Imamiya Shrine venerates a deity of health and long life, but it is said that during the cherry blossom season he leaves the shrine to play tricks and becomes a god of sickness. In order to soothe his spirit this lively festival features bright umbrellas decorated with living flowers to lure the god back to the shrine and have him protect the worshipers’ health for another year.

Long oni wigs at Yasurai Matsuri at Imamiya Shrine.

Performers dressed as oni lead processions around the shrine grounds and perform drumming dances in front of the main hall, the sub-shrine, and the prayer hall to delight the deities. Young boys dressed as sacred pages carry small drums, and the accompanying group plays flute, reads out a chant, and carries ritual weaponry. Red umbrellas, said to attract the god’s eyes, are thought to bring good health for a year to those who pass under them, so it’s not uncommon to see people lining up for the chance to pass under one of these lucky umbrellas.

Dancers at the Yasurai Matsuri at Imamiya Shrine.

For those praying for health, effigies are also available to write a name upon and ask for the god’s blessings while getting purified by a priestess.

After performing the ritual thrice at Imamiya Shrine, the procession leaves an hour later, making its way back to Kōnen-ji where the Yasurai Matsuri concludes. Watching this festival definitely leaves one with a mysterious feeling, so if you're around in April be sure to take a look for yourself!

Things to See/Do

  • Shinto Ritual

  • Taiko Drums

  • Shakuhachi

  • Parade

  • Charm


April 11th, 2021

12:00: Procession Departs Kōnen-ji

15:00: Arrival & Performance at Imamiya Shrine (approximate)

Notice: In 2021, the event was canceled to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Imamiya Jinja



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  • From Kyoto Station City Bus Route 205 ⇒ Funaokayama Bus Stop ⇒ 7 minutes walking
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